Welcome to Our Brick Life!

Hi there! We are Heather and Jason, two Adult Fans of Lego raising two Lego-loving boys and a dog in the Arizona desert.

Our blog is named Our Brick Life because of our family’s shared love of Lego. We love building memories together, and having Lego building as a shared hobby has had a positive influence on so many aspects of our family life.

We wouldn’t be true Lego-lovers without an equally great love for Legoland of course. Some people call Disneyland their happy place but for us it’s Legoland! We have visited so many times that we’ve compiled a lot of tips and tricks to help you plan your family Legoland vacation!

Our goal is to be your go-to source for anything Legoland related. We will help you plan your trip, provide fun ideas for keeping your kids busy on the way, give tips on how to save money, and review all the latest and greatest events and attractions at Legoland California!

We will also share ideas for how to use Lego to build memories with your family. Lego is such a versatile product that we use for education, relaxation, home decoration, and even date night!

Fun Facts About Us

  • Jason (Dad) once competed for the role of Master Builder at our local Legoland Discovery Center. He was one of the finalists!
  • Heather (Mom) loves decorating for holidays with Lego, and is super excited for the new home décor sets like the Flower Bouquet.
  • Lil’ bro loves building his own Lego creations from scratch, and really loved taking a class on Outschool that challenged him with weekly builds.
  • Big bro loves cars and has collected almost all of the collect Pop Badges. We have over 200!! We’ve even found the elusive Mr. Gold.
  • We are a homeschooling family — long before the pandemic!
  • Our family bucket list includes visiting every Legoland in the world. Although we aren’t sure that will happen, we are definitely trying for at least every one in North America!
  • Road trips are one of our other favorite family activities. Our biggest one so far was from Arizona to Legoland Florida!
  • When we aren’t building Lego you’ll find us taking the kids to Scouts, karate, music lessons, and youth group, or going camping, hiking, and walking our dog.