Best Backpacks for Theme Parks

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Remember the good old days when you kids were in strollers and you could just cram everything into the bottom and not really worry about carrying any bags?

If you are out of the stroller stage you might be wondering, how do I carry stuff at an amusement park? What kind of bag should I bring?

The only way I’ve been able to continue to carry **all the stuff** is with a backpack.

What makes a good backpack for theme parks? The best backpacks for theme parks should keep all your stuff organized, be comfortable to carry, and of course, be fashionable too!

Whether you are visiting Legoland, Disneyland, or another theme park, the backpack you need will depend on how old your kids are and how much you need to carry (lunch? towels? bathing suits?). I’ve rounded up the best Mom and/or Dad backpacks to use at theme parks for all different uses. I hope this list helps you find the perfect one!

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Best Mom Backpack for Amusement Parks

I recently purchased this backpack for all the Mom stuff I have to carry around amusement parks. You know, all the snacks, water bottles, etc. that no one else wants to carry! It’s a great backpack for Moms with toddlers that can’t carry their own stuff yet. It has padded shoulder straps for comfort as well as a padded back so those water bottles aren’t digging into your back all day. The front zippered pocket is great for your phone, hand sanitizer, or anything you need to have quick access to. It’s a great Mom backpack for Disney, Legoland, Universal Studios, or any amusement park you and your family visit. Bonus: it’s water resistant in case it rains!

Best Lightweight Packable Backpack

You’ll like this lightweight packable backpack because it folds into a smaller bag that can be stowed anywhere. It’s great for those days when you may not have a lot to carry. Even though there isn’t any shoulder strap or back padding, the straps are wide enough that they still comfortable (as long as you don’t overload the backpack). If you are on a trip where you are going to do more than just go to the theme parks, you might want to take a stowable backpack like this for running in to stores or going places where you don’t have to carry as much.

Best Backpack Cooler

One of the best ways to save money at theme parks like Legoland or Disneyland is to bring in your own snacks and lunches. This insulated backpack cooler is perfect for keeping your food cold…or hot! It’s leakproof and holds at least 28 cans, which means room for sandwiches and snacks and water bottles too. The straps and back are padded for comfort. A smaller zippered compartment (separate from the insulated compartment) can hold your phone or other small items. If you’ve got two adults in your group, one can carry this backpack with all the food and the other can carry the pack with the jackets and souvenirs!

Best Diaper Bag Backpack

Although my diaper bag days are long gone, we always appreciated having a travel backpack to use as our diaper bag when the boys were little. This diaper bag backpack has a lot of great features, including a changing pad and insulated bottle pockets. It’s also very highly rated on Amazon, and comes in a variety of colors. Pro tip: buy a neutral color that your husband won’t mind carrying too!

Best Crossbody Bag for Amusement Parks

Sling backpacks are a good choice when you don’t have as much to carry or if you just don’t like carrying a standard backpack. One nice benefit of a sling backpack is that it doesn’t cover up your whole back and create a giant sweat mark on your shirt! This sling backpack from Waterfly is the highest rated on Amazon. The strap can be worn over your left or right shoulder, there are two mesh pockets on the sides for water bottles or sunscreen, and there’s even a small pouch on the shoulder strap that can hold small phones or other items you need to access frequently.

Best Small Backpack for Amusement Parks

You’ll be amazed at how much actually fits into this small backpack. You may not be able to fit a jacket, but you can easily fit a water bottle, a camera, snacks, a large wallet, and even a small book or notepad. Yet it’s compact size keeps it light and it’s easy to stow in the cubbies at amusement park rides. This backpack is comfortable to carry because it has padded shoulder pads. The small pockets on the front are great for things you need easy access to, phones, lipstick, etc.

Best backpacks for amusement parks

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