Father’s Day Lego Gift Ideas

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It’s the time of year again where we have a day to celebrate the Dads in our life. The hero, the teacher, the provider, the Master Builder.

If your Dad is an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) or just a casual fan, these awesome Father’s Day Lego gift ideas are sure to be a hit. This Lego gift guide for Dad’s includes not just great Lego sets for Dad but also truly unique Lego-themed gifts.

Lego Sets for Dad

According to my husband, building Lego gives him a much needed relief from the everyday stresses of his work life. Opening up a brand new instruction manual and getting lost in the build is a great way for Dads to forget about the micromanaging boss and the hours-long zoom calls. Building Lego puts his brain into a relaxed meditative state and gives a much-needed sense of accomplishment when the build is complete.

Happy Dad, happy family, right?

The Father’s Day Lego sets we recommend are not just fun to build but serve as impressive display sets as well. Just make sure the kids know Dad’s Lego set is for display only, not for play!

Superhero or Star Wars lego Helmets

If Dad is a fan of Marvel or Star Wars, these Lego helmets are a challenging build that will look great displayed in his office.

The Boba Fett Helmet, Storm Trooper, or Darth Vader helmets would be a great Lego Star Wars Father’s Day gifts from kids.

If Marvel or DC superheroes are more his style, check out the Iron Man Helmet or Batman helmet.

Lego Bonsai Tree

My husband has always wanted a real Bonsai tree, but keeping plants alive has never been his strong suit. When the Lego Bonsai tree (10281) was released he was ecstatic. The set is specifically designed for adults and the end result is a beautiful display piece.

Bonsai trees are already a traditional symbol of harmony and balance, so combine that with Lego and you have the perfect way to relax and zone out.

One of the coolest things about the Lego Bonsai tree is its ability to be customized with green leaves or pink flowers. So Dad can build and re-build as often as he wants.

lego sets for car enthusiasts

If you’ve got a car enthusiast for a Dad then these Lego sports car sets will be perfect for him! The McLaren Senna GTR” is a great choice because of features like moving pistons, doors that open, and authentic graphics and colors. This supercar will look fantastic displayed in Dad’s man cave. The McLaren is also a good choice if you aren’t looking to go overboard in price, it’s listed at just $49.99.

Is money not an issue? Then you can really impress Dad by giving him this epic Bugatti Chiron!

This set is a 1:8 authentic replica of the classic Bugatti Chiron. At 3599 pieces, it’s sure to challenge Dad’s building prowess and result in an awesome display piece.

Lego-themed accessories for Dad

Etsy is a great place to find unique Lego-themed accessories for your Dad. From personalized mosaics to tee shirts and tie clips, here are the best Father’s Day Lego gift ideas in the accessories category.

Father's Day Lego gift ideas - Lego tie clip

This is the coolest Lego tie clip for any Dad that loves Lego and loves to get dressed up! (from bitsandbadges on Etsy)

Father's Day Lego gift ideas - personalized Lego mosaic from Pixart

Really impress Dad with this custom Lego mosaic from Pixart. Just send them your favorite picture and they will turn it into a mosaic using tiny Lego tiles. You have the option to build it yourself, give the pieces to Dad to build, or have Pixart build it for you.

Lego Father's Day gift ideas - Father's day Lego storm troopers card

If you’re looking for Lego Star Wars Father’s Day gifts from kids, this Father’s Day card is awesome! The best part is it’s perfect to keep and display throughout the year. (from LoveandLuckDesign)

Lego Father's Day gift - Block Dad and kid tee shirt

If none of these Father’s Day Lego gift ideas are hitting home yet, how about these matching Dad and kid shirts? This CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK™ and BLOCK™ T-Shirt Set would be perfect shirts for a trip to Legoland! Kids shirts come in all sizes from onesie to child XL, and the matching Dad shirt is available in size S-3XL. (from ROYALKANE on Etsy).

Use the discount code “OURBRICKLIFE” to get 21% off your order between now and Father’s Day 2021!

This Father’s Day, give Dad the gift of time with the kids when you buy him this Brick Playing Cards set. Serve up an ice cold beer for Dad and sodas for the kids (don’t forget the Lego block ice cubes!) and challenge Dad to a few games of Slap Jack or King’s Corners.

Lego Books for Father’s Day

Every AFOL Dad needs a few Lego books to adorn his shelves and make him look trendy on all those work Zoom calls. These Lego-themed books are great Father’s Day Lego gift ideas for Dads looking for inspiration or just looking for a fun backdrop.

The LEGO Book, New Edition: with exclusive LEGO brick

Perfect for all Lego aficionados, this Lego book details in beautiful visuals the history of the Lego brick. Find out how fan creations become real-life sets, and get a behind-the-scenes tour into how Lego bricks are made. This book also comes with an exclusive printed Lego brick!

LEGO® Minifigure A Visual History New Edition: With exclusive LEGO spaceman minifigure!

The Lego minifigure has become an icon of its own, and this book showcases the history of minifigures from their humble beginnings in 1978 to today. An exclusive orange spaceman minifigure is included with the book.

The LEGO Neighborhood Book 2: Build Your Own City!

If your Dad loves creating scenes with his Lego sets, then this book is the perfect Father’s Day Lego gift idea. The LEGO Neighborhood Book 2 is a full-color guide to creating intricate LEGO cities and neighborhoods – complete with homes, stores, restaurants, barbershops, and more.

which father’s day lego gift idea is best?

Only you know your Dad best, but I hope I’ve given you a good variety of Father’s Day Lego gift ideas to choose from! And don’t forget to wrap your gift up in some fun Lego wrapping paper! Hope your Dad has an awesome Father’s Day!

Awesome Lego gift ideas for Dad for Father's Day


  1. Great suggestions. Thanks. I suggest you add BricksGenius.com to your list. I purchased light kits for some of my husband’s Lego sets and the lights look amazing. The site also has nice display options.

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