Legoland Brick or Treat Tips and Tricks

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Every weekend in October, Legoland California transforms itself into Halloween party central with its Legoland Brick or Treat Party nights.

It’s definitely a fun time to visit Legoland because of all the spooky decorations, character meet and greets, special Halloween shows, and delicious seasonal food items!

Tickets for Brick or Treat are usually an add-on to the regular day pass, so is it worth it to pay the extra money to visit Legoland California during these special weekends?

Picture of Legoland entrance decorated for Halloween

No matter whether you visit for Legoland Brick or Treat Party Nights or just visit Legoland during October, you will still get to see Legoland decked out in its Halloween finest.

Spiders and spider webs, Lego ghosts, and skeletons line the pathways. Even Miniland dresses up for the occasion with displays of graveyards, costume parties and trick-or-treating. It’s fun to wander through and see if you can spot all of the Halloween additions!

So if seeing the decorations is the only thing you’re looking for, then visit any day in October and you’ll see them! But there’s so much more on Brick or Treat nights, keep reading!

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Brick or Treat Pop Badge Challenge

Legoland Halloween pop badges from 2021

One of the most fun and unique activities for the night is the Pop badge challenge. Each year there is a different set of Halloween pop badges to collect! The challenges change from year to year as well.

This past year we had to go on a scavenger hunt all around Legoland, listening to video clues and finding special QR codes that would lead us to the next clue. It didn’t take too long and wasn’t too difficult, plus we passed candy stations along the way so that’s a good incentive to keep the kids searching!

Legoland Halloween Shows

In addition to all the regular rides and attractions, Legoland pulls out all the stops for special Halloween shows the whole family will enjoy!

Frankenbrick’s Lab (above) was hilarious and a nice chance to sit and rest our feet for a bit! Other shows throughout the park included a lot of singing and dancing — so much fun!

Tip: Use the Legoland app to set reminders for all the shows you want to see!

Candy Stations

Everyone that comes into the park on a Brick or Treat day receives a bag for collecting candy. Candy stations open at 3:00 pm and they are scattered throughout the park.

We noticed that even towards the very end of the night, there was still candy to be found, so don’t worry about trying to get to all the candy stations right away. Just by walking to other shows and rides you’ll see the stations along the way so there’s really no need to make time to find all of them at once.

Trick: Go to the candy stations at the end of the night because they want to get rid of the candy and you’ll get more!

Character Meet and Greets

Character Meet and Greets are always fun for the kids, and at Halloween you’ll see spooky Lego characters like the Mummy and Vampire. This year there were also costumed performers on stilts!

Brick or Treat Costume Contest

One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that the Halloween costume contest at Legoland really seems to take a long time! So if you have an awesome costume and want to participate, by all means go for it! But be prepared to invest quite a bit of time, well over an hour! Prizes were given out in different age groups as well as one for best group.

Speaking of costumes, most people dress up (adults too!) and wear their costumes the entire day.

Tip: The cutest and most creative costumed kids have the best chance of winning!

Halloween Photo Opps

There were several Halloween photo opps around the park, but I would suggest finding them while it is still light out for the best photos. Many of them were not well-lit and didn’t make for a great photo in the dark.

Trick: Hit the Halloween photo opps around the park while it’s still light out!

Legoland Halloween Seasonal Snacks

Seasonal snacks aren’t just for Disneyland! Legoland also creates Halloween themed food items you can find throughout the park. We saw caramel apples decorated like mummies, orange and black Rice Krispie treats, pumpkin shaped cookies, and best of all, a pumpkin shake! Yum!

Some of these Halloween items are available on weekdays in October, but other items like the Pumpkin Shake are only available during Brick or Treat hours.

Are Legoland Brick or Treat Nights Worth It?

Honestly, the Brick or Treat night we attended was a lot of fun. I think it’s definitely worth the extra cost, and a fun, family-friendly way to celebrate Halloween.

Legoland California Brick or Treat Tips and Tricks

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