7 Great Reasons to Visit Legoland California During the Christmas Holiday Season

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Disneyland isn’t the only amusement park that goes all out for the winter holidays! Legoland California starts decorating for Christmas and December holidays in late November, and visitors can enjoy the holiday decor throughout December into early January! But there’s more than just Legoland Santa’s and Christmas Trees! Read on to discover all the reasons to visit Legoland California during the Christmas holiday season!

Christmas time at Legoland California is fun because of the holiday decorations but also because of all the of the special events that take place each weekend. Starting the weekend before Thanksgiving, you can expect to see new holiday shows, holiday character meet and greets, seasonal food offerings, and of course holiday Lego merchandise!

Let’s take a look at all the fun there is to have at Legoland California during the Christmas holiday season in November and December!

Holiday Shows at Legoland

The Fun Town Stage is the place to be for music and merriment during Legoland California’s holiday celebrations. Legoland brings in a professional troupe of performers to entertain the crowd with a holiday-themed musical. Be sure to have the Legoland app downloaded so you can set reminders for show times!

You’ll also see wandering performers at various times throughout the park, singing and dancing to get everyone in the holiday mood!

Holiday LEGO Characters

Posing for a picture with Legoland Santa during Legoland Christmas events

It’s always fun to have your picture taken with the LEGO characters at Legoland, but during Christmas at Legoland California you’ll get to see special characters like the Gingerbread Man, Toy Solider, and of course, Santa! Professional photographers are on hand to snap pictures of your whole family, but they will also use your phone if you ask. The photo service has finally returned at Legoland and you can buy photo packages through the Legoland app to capture all your holiday memories!

Holiday Decorations at Legoland

Lego Santa and huge Lego Christmas tree at Legoland California

During the holidays at Legoland you’ll find giant Lego wreaths, special seasonal builds like snowmen, Santa, reindeer, and more.

Legoland’s Miniland also takes on a Christmas feel with lots of seasonal characters and settings added throughout the lands. Be on the lookout for holiday parties, plenty of Santa’s

Legoland Santa convention in Legoland Miniland

The biggest decoration during Christmas time at Legoland is the 30 ft Christmas tree decorated with over 400 Lego ornaments! At night the tree lights up and the “snow” starts falling to the sounds of holiday music.

Legoland Holiday Merchandise

At the Big Shop and other retail stores around Legoland California you’ll find all of your favorite holiday themed sets. You’ll also find Lego ornaments to decorate your own tree at home, and a special 3-pack of holiday minifigures! You can purchase this pack ahead of time when you purchase your tickets. If you are a season passholder, you can purchase this special pack of minifigures when you make your reservations.

Seasonal Food at Legoland

One of my favorite special treats during the holidays at Legoland California is the seasonal coffee drink. Pumpkin Spice Latte please! If coffee isn’t your thing then definitely check out the special holiday milkshake at Castle Ice Cream, in 2021 it was Peppermint and it was delicious!

Legoland holiday peppermint ice cream shake

The Market food stand near The Beginning has holiday decorated cookies, candy apples, chocolate peppermint rice pudding, and holiday Rice Krispy treats. I’ve also seen these holiday treats at Castle Ice Cream and Fun Town’s Urban Kitchen.

Christmas tree cookie holiday treat at Legoland California

The sweet treats are my favorite but there are savory menu items during the holidays as well! In 2021 the specialties included Sausage Slammers, Country Sausage, a Holiday Platter, Bavarian Pretzels and Mini Beignets! I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Holiday Garden menu at Legoland California

Legoland Holiday Pop Badges

Holiday Pop Badges at Legoland California

Another great reason to visit Legoland during the holidays is to collect the special holiday pop badges! These special holiday pop badges are only offered during the Holidays at Legoland event so they are definitely a special collectors item for those of you that love to collect pop badges.

Holiday Mr. Gold Bag

Have you found Mr. Gold’s hidden bag of goodies yet? During the holiday season, Legoland changes the gold bags to red and calls them Lego Santa’s Special Surprise! We were lucky enough to find one, and inside was a keychain, holiday pop badge, and a minifigure! Keep your eyes peeled for this fun Legoland holiday treat!

Lego Santa's Special Surprise bag during the holidays at Legoland California

Holiday Hours at Legoland California

In November, Legoland California is open during the week from 10-5 (closed on Wednesdays except during Thanksgiving week) and on the weekends from 10-6. During the week of Thanksgiving, Legoland is open from 10-6, and yes they are open on Thanksgiving Day! The Bricks Family Restaurant in the Legoland Hotel also offers a Thanksgiving meal. What a great way to enjoy the holiday and not have to cook!

Is Legoland open on Christmas? Why yes it is! Legoland California is open on Christmas Day from 10-6. During the month of December Legoland California is open from 10-5 on weekdays (closed the first two Wednesdays), and 10-6 on the weekends. The last two weeks of December Legoland is open every day from 10-6 or 10-7, depending on the day. Check the Legoland holiday calendar before you go!

Holiday entertainment at Legoland California

While you can enjoy Legoland decked out for the holidays from late November all the way until early January, if you want to catch the special shows and foods you’ll need to make sure you go during the weekend. Last year when we visited on a Friday, the sign for the Peppermint shake taunted me until the next day when I could finally get my hands on one!

I hope this has helped you decide to make Legoland California a part of your next winter holiday celebration. Visiting Legoland during the holidays is so much fun!

Have questions about visiting Legoland California for Christmas? Drop them in the comments below and I’ll answer them for you!

7 Reasons to Visit Legoland California for the Holidays

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