New Lego®️ Ferrari Build and Race at Legoland California

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Legoland California is rolling out some exciting new additions this year! One of the biggest is the Lego®️ Ferrari Build and Race.

As annual passholders we were given a sneak preview of this awesome new Legoland California attraction and we are sharing our exclusive insider look with you!

The Ferrari Build and Race is located in the building which used to house the Lego®️ Movie™️ 2 set. But don’t worry, you can still see the set at its new location in the Lego®️ Movie™️ World area (makes sense, right?)

Entrance to Legoland Ferrari Build and Race

The redesigned building is all decked out in Ferrari red and yellow racing stripes. Legoland worked directly with Ferrari to get the exact Ferrari colors!

Inside you’ll find three rooms of Ferrari awesomeness!

The first room contains an amazing Lego replica of a Ferrari F50. You have to see this in person to believe it!

This life-sized Lego Ferrari is built on a genuine Ferrari frame, complete with real functioning tires and steering wheel.

That’s right! This lego Ferrari can be moved and steered to enable Legoland to move it around for special events!

Inside the Lego Ferrari you’ll also find a genuine seat and gear shift. Circle around to the back and you’ll find the engine and all the components carefully replicated in Lego.

Hoping for a picture with this life-sized Lego Ferrari F50? You’re in luck! You can have an MC (Legoland employee) snap a picture you can purchase with Legoland’s new photopass system, or just pose for your favorite personal camera!

wall in Legoland Ferrari Build and Race attraction showing history of Ferrari

Once you’re done admiring the Lego Ferrari, check out all the interesting Ferrari facts and history on the walls of this first room, along with the cool builds of a Ferrari helmet, trophy, and steering wheel.

As you enter the second room of Ferrari Build and Race you’ll find four different race ramps and building areas to build your very own Ferrari or any car you “wanna build.”

Legoland Ferrari Build and Race ramps and building area

If your building skills are a little rusty, you’ll find help with actual building instructions located at the building areas so you can create the best car for racing!

Building station full of Lego bricks and instructions to build cars

When you’re done building, line up at one of the 4 race ramps and get ready to have fun! Choose from a basic ramp or an upgraded ramp with instant replay. Looking to race friends and see who wins fastest time? You can do that on the 6-lane ramp with an automated timing system that ranks each race in real time.

Read for the coolest part of the Legoland California Ferrari Build and Race?

Head on in to to room three for virtual racing fun! Oh, but don’t forget to bring along the car you just built!

Virtual build and race attraction at Legoland California

That’s right, the virtual race track will scan your car and display it on the racetrack! Then you can race other drivers and see how well your car performs in a virtual race.

You can use the Boost or Change Lanes buttons to race your car around the track to victory.

virtual race track inside Legoland California's Ferrari Build and Race

Not loving the car you built? Don’t worry, this virtual racetrack also offers the ability to build you own car virtually.

You can also customize your car with different wheels for different driving conditions because guess what? The weather changes on this virtual racetrack! How cool is that?

Even little ones can get in on the fun with a special Duplo build and race area built just for them!

Duplo build and race area inside Ferrari Build and Race in Legoland California

When you’re done racing, you can place your Ferrari on the display wall for all to see. Don’t forget to grab another selfie with the Lego Ferrari driver on your way out! And of course, grab that collectible pop badge — a special one created just for this new Legoland attraction!

The Lego Ferrari Build and Race attraction at Legoland California is a great new addition to the park and it’s awesome for all ages. Older kids will appreciate the life-sized Lego Ferrari (and snapping a selfie with it!) as well as reading about the history of Ferrari. Kids that still love to build and race cars will love being able to create their best car and race it against others. Everyone will love the virtual racing!

Be sure to check out this newest attraction for 2022 at Legoland California on your next visit!

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