Unique Fall Decor Ideas Using Lego® Sets

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Looking for a fun and unique way to decorate for fall this year? Today I’m going to show you how I decorate my house for Fall using Lego sets! 

While Lego has recently added the category Home Decor to their shopping site, the pieces I use are not always from this category. It just takes a little imagination to see where all different types of Lego sets could be used in your fall decor!

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The first category I love to use in my Lego home decor is Brick Headz. I’ve been collecting Brick Headz for years. They are usually themed around a holiday, so that makes them perfect for decorating. I personally love using them as small pieces in a larger decorated area.

Lego Brick Headz owl and scarecrow fall decor

This Fall I picked up the adorable Owl Brick Head to add to my collection. He looks great perched on my two-tiered tray along with some decorative pumpkins and gourds and a cute Pumpkin Spice sign I picked up at JoAnn. He joins the Scarecrow Brick Head from a few years ago!

Alternatively I placed him on a decorative serving tray I keep on my family room end table. A few decorative pumpkins and a small wooden bucket with fall filler complete the look.

Lego Brick Headz owl fall decor

Now that it’s Fall I will also be moving my Tree House out to a more prominent display area. I usually keep my Flower Bouquet in one of the cut-outs in our family room but it will take a backseat to the Treehouse for the season! 

Of course I’ll be displaying the Treehouse with its Fall leaves (it also comes with spring/green leaves). I also have wrapped the leaves with some copper wire LED string lights which gives it a nice subtle glow. 

My favorite addition to the Fall Lego decor this year is the Pickup Truck! This one is going right on my mantel. 

This adorable truck comes with it’s own interchangeable decorative pieces so it can be used across many seasons! For fall there is a crate full of pumpkins and baskets of fruit, along with a cute little “Fresh from the Farm” sign. 

Lego Pickup Truck with fall accessories on home mantel

When Christmas time comes, I’ll replace the Fall pieces with the wreath and presents. The wreath even attaches to the grill on the front of the truck. Love it!

In Spring I can use the wheelbarrow with flowers and a watering can, and for summer there are two wooden crates with tomatoes, carrots, and a milk pail!

I’m so excited that Lego has started making pieces that double as decor like this. Plus, they’ve actually added “Home Decor” as a shoppable category on their web site! I can’t wait to see what they add for the winter holidays this year. Last year I picked this Christmas Wreath that can also be built into an Advent wreath! Looks like it’s still available this year, grab one while you can!

Which of these pieces will you pick up for your Fall decor this year? Do you have any of your own favorites from past years?

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