Rainy Day Activities at Legoland California

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You can control almost everything when it comes to planning your Legoland vacation. One thing you can’t control? A rainy day at Legoland!

Yes, there are plenty of things to do even when it rains at Legoland! There are a ton of rainy day activities, from indoor rides and shows to educational classes!

We just returned from a trip to Legoland where the weather was cold, cloudy, and rainy. But, we made the best of it and even discovered some new rainy day activities in Legoland that we had never known about before.

What can you do when it rains at Legoland?

Light rain doesn’t slow down all the rides, mostly just the big coasters. In light rain these rides will still be open: Ninjago the Ride, Aquazone Wave Racers, Deep Sea Adventure, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Beetle Bounce, Skipper School, Driving School, Jr. Driving School, Queen Watevra’s Carousel, Legoland Express, Fairy Tale Brook, and Coastersaurus.

On our last visit to Legoland a brief thunderstorm rolled through and everything except the games and shows shut down. But we stuck it out and while most everyone else left, we hung out at some of the places mentioned below. The storm passed, the rides opened up, and since so many people had left we had the rides to ourselves! The most popular rides had five minute wait times. We even rode the Dragon three times in a row without getting off the ride!

So when it rains at Legoland, try to wait it out and you might get the best reward of all — no lines!

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Indoor LEGOLAND Rides

There are several rides that are mostly indoors, and although the line might wind its way outside, I can almost guarantee that the crowds will be light on a rainy day so you probably won’t have to wait outside.

sign for Legoland Deep Sea Adventure ride

Head over to Ninjago the Ride, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Deep Sea Adventure, or Emmet’s Flying Adventure.

Note: they will close these rides as well if there is lightning in the area!

Indoor LEGOLAND Attractions

Lego Mindstorms Classes are a great way to spend a rainy day at Legoland

L>GO®️ Mindstorms Robotics Classes

This visit we discovered that guests can sign up for free robotic programming courses in the Imagination Zone area of Legoland. The boys took two different classes and really had a blast. Kids in the class computers to program LEGO®️ Showplace Theatre

Duck into the 4D movie theatre for a chance to dry off and catch LEGO Ninjago – Master of the 4th Dimension or The Lego Movie 4D A New Adventure. Each one lasts about 12 minutes but at least you are out of the rain for a little while!

LEGO®️ City Space

Kids playing at Legoland's Lego City Space attraction

The LEGO®️ City Space area is a newer attraction at Legoland California. Installed in 2022, it’s an educational play space where kids are challenged to build a rover or a rocket that can be used to conduct scientific research for NASA’s Artemis mission.

There are a limited number of “bases” for the rocket or rover, so if it gets crowded they do try to keep it to one build per kid. Otherwise I would imagine kids can play in here as long as they want if no one else is waiting.

LEGO®️ Life Building

Legoland Rebuild Your World

The Lego Life building at the back of the park has a lot of fun building opportunities for the kids. It’s also connected to the Lego Factory Tour which is another good hideout on a rainy day.

This area also has minifigure trading. If it’s Friday, check around 4:00pm for a special Minifigure Madness event. Play a quick game to win a minifigure!

Factory Tour

machine that molds Lego bricks

This tour doesn’t take too long but it is indoors and it’s very interesting to see how Lego is actually made. They have a machine that is actually molding Lego bricks as you watch. The tour empties out into the Lego Life building, so it’s kind of like a two-for-one of indoor entertainment.

Adventurer’s Club

Rainy Day Activities at Legoland - Go on a scavenger hunt in the Adventurer's Club

There’s nothing like a scavenger hunt to keep kids busy on a rainy day. Inside the Adventurer’s Club kids have to find seven keys all hidden in different rooms. Each room represents a different part of the world — the jungle, pyramids of Egypt, and Antarctica. It’s also located just a short distance from the Factory Tour and Lego Life, so you won’t get too wet running from one to the next!

Build Watevra You Wa’na Build

Build Watevera You Wa'na Build building

Build Whatevra You Wa’na Build is an open-air but fully covered area where your kiddos can build to their hearts delight with lots of brightly colored Lego. There is even a display wall to encourage kids to share what they have built.

Builder’s Guild

the builder's guild play area at legoland

This small covered area in the Castle Hill section is another great place to hide from the rain in Legoland. Grab some apple fries and take advantage of a place to charge your phone too! The kids will have fun building while you rest and stay dry.

LEGO® DOTS Build Your Art Gallery

Located next to Lego City Space in the Imagination Zone, the Lego Dots gallery allows kids of all ages to grab a base plate and create their own unique art using Lego Dots. Kids can display their masterpieces on the gallery wall when they are done!

LEGO®️ Ferrari Build and Race

Ferrari Build and Race is a good place to play when it rains at Legoland

Another newer attraction at Legoland California is the Lego Ferrari Build and Race. It’s all indoors and provides a space to build race cars, race them on test tracks, and then load them into the interactive virtual raceway to race again!

You can learn more about this area by reading my review of the Lego Ferrari Build and Race here. Bonus: this is a good spot to find a pop badge! The employee near the exit usually has them to give out in exchange for your race car before you leave.

The Shows Must Go On

legoland performers doing their show in the rain

On our last rainy day visit I was surprised to see that the show at Castle Hill still went on as planned! So if you don’t mind getting a little wet or you’re lucky enough to have an umbrella, go give these enthusiastic performers an audience!

Other Indoor Options

Sea Life Aquarium is indoors and a good option for a rainy day at Legoland

If you happen to have a Merlin Annual Pass, you can take refuge in the Sea Life Aquarium and wait out the rain. And don’t forget the hotels, Legoland Hotel and Castle Hotel. They both have restaurants that are open to the public, and honestly you can hang out in both without being a guest. Just be on your best behavior!

Legoland’s Rainy Day Promise

If the rain does become too heavy and Legoland closes a portion of their attractions for a period of at least two hours, they may enact their “Rainy Day Promise.” This basically allows you to turn in your ticket from that designated rainy day for another ticket to come back within a year. However, this only works for “paid” tickets.

In other words, if you have a ticket that you didn’t individually pay for because it was Buy One Get One Free, Merlin’s Magic Wand, Our Gift to You, Kids Go Free, or any similar non-paid tickets, the rainy day promise will not apply. For example, if you purchased your adult ticket but used a “Kids Go Free” coupon to get your child’s ticket, your ticket would be valid for the rainy day promise but not your child’s ticket.

However, if you do have a paid ticket, Legoland will allow you to use that paid ticket for another day within a year of the day of your rainy visit.

Just remember, it needs to rain enough to close rides for a good part of the day or rain for 2 hours straight in order for the Legoland Rainy Day Policy to be enacted. Just because it rains off and on or for a short time does not mean that the policy is automatically put in place. So make sure you check with Guest Services before you leave to ensure that you will be able to get that Rainy Day Promise ticket!

If you are using a ticket that you haven’t paid for and rain is forecast for the day of your visit, you should decide whether or not to change your plans BEFORE you enter the park. Once your ticket is scanned, it’s considered “used” and you’re stuck just dealing with the rain.

How to Use Your Legoland Rainy Day Promise Ticket

When you are ready to use your rainy day promise ticket, bring your original ticket from the day you visited and the rainy day promise was activated. Take this ticket and your ID to the Guest Service window where they will verify your tickets and give you new ones to use that day.

Not sure if your visit day was an official rainy day? Legoland keeps a list of it’s official rainy day promise days on their web site. Check there to make sure!

So don’t let rain ruin your Legoland parade, just find a cozy space and wait it out. Besides, any day in Legoland sure beats a day at work or school, right?

Rainy day in Legoland
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