Best Food in Legoland California

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Wondering what to eat on your next trip to Legoland California? Here I’m detailing the best food options in Legoland California!

There are plenty of fresh, healthy options thanks to the fact that much of the food in Legoland California is made on-site, food in their own restaurants! Many dishes are even cooked to order.

Pro tip: if you are planning to have dinner at Legoland, many restaurants will close an hour before the park does, so plan accordingly!

So which restaurants have the best food and snacks in Legoland California? We’ve tried every place to eat at Legoland California and we are dishing up the best places for lunch, dinner, and snacks!

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Best Places for Lunch in Legoland

Burger Stop

Over in Fun Town near Driving School you’ll find Burger Stop, a quick, no-fuss meal option for lunch. Not too many choices here — you can get a hamburger, cheeseburger, and fries. There are tables and chairs set up nearby or you can wander over closer to the clock tower for more seating options. Their burgers are 100% all-natural beef and served on a locally baked brioche bun with homemade secret sauce.

Burger Kitchen

Formerly the Garden Deli and Café, the Burger Kitchen is a great place for vegetarians because they have Beyond Burgers! Although I do miss the paninis and more varied options of the old café, I am happy that Legoland didn’t leave vegetarians out in the cold when they reimagined this eating location. Of course they also have regular burgers as well as fries and a small selection of salads. Pro-tip: Although the menu doesn’t show it, you can order burgers a la carte if you don’t want the higher-priced meal that includes french fries and a drink.

menu items at the Burger Kitchen in Legoland California
Selections at the Burger Kitchen

Seating is all outdoors, but it’s probably one of the nicest places to sit and eat in Legoland. It’s not too close to any rides so it’s quieter, and the rose bush lined seating area overlooks the lake.

Pizza Mania

Pizza Mania is a great grab-and-go place for food at Legoland. They serve personal pizzas that are tasty and hot, with a choice of cheese, pepperoni, or veggie. The veggie is my personal favorite! They also have grab-and-go salads, and you can refill your souvenir refillable cup here too.

Pizza Mania food stand at Legoland California
Pizza Mania grab-and-go pizza

Ninja Kitchen

Ninja Kitchen in the Ninjago area of Legoland is another great grab-and-go option. The food here definitely has some unique flavors (although delicious!) so picky eaters beware! Ninja kitchen features Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwiches on baguettes or steamed Bao buns. You can choose from pork belly, lemongrass chicken or baked sweet chili tofu. They also have spring rolls, and you can ask for a side of white rice if you’re like my husband who thinks rice is the best snack ever.

Banh Mi sandwich on a Bao bun at Ninja Kitchen
Bahn Mi sandwich on a Bao bun

Best Places for Coffee

The Market

This is where I always stop for my afternoon pick-me-up coffee. The Market has fresh brewed coffee, mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos. You can order them hot or iced. During the holidays they have seasonal flavors so be sure to ask!

The Market is open all day so you can get your morning, afternoon, and evening coffee here.

picture of person holding iced coffee from The Market at Legoland
Iced latte from The Market

Castle Ice Cream

If you’re in the back of the park when your afternoon coffee urge kicks in, stop by Castle Ice Cream. They don’t usually open until after noon so don’t count on them for a morning coffee break. They have the same coffee options as the Market with brewed coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. Note: Castle Ice Cream often isn’t open on weekdays during off-peak times.

Castle Ice Cream menu at Legoland California
Castle Ice Cream menu

Coffee Shop next to Burger Kitchen

I’m not sure if this spot has a better name than this, but I haven’t seen it open since pre-pandemic times. I was over-the-moon excited about it because they had nitro brewed coffee. I do hope they get it opened back up sometime soon!

Best Places for Dinner at Legoland

Knight’s Smokehouse BBQ

Located in the Castle area of Legoland, Knight’s Smokehouse BBQ has a large outdoor seating area and plenty of BBQ options for a satisfying dinner. In fact, we’ve found that these meals are often big enough to share, which can be a nice way to save some money!

This restaurant serves Texas BBQ style pulled pork, chicken, beef brisket, and pork ribs. Sides include roasted veggies, green beans, roasted corn and biscuits. Kids have the option of ordering chicken tenders, hot dogs, or pulled pork.

Plate of food from Knight's Smokehouse BBQ
BBQ chicken dinner from Knight’s Smokehouse

Bonus for Mom and Dad — Knight’s Smokehouse serves up wine and craft beer.

Fun Town’s Urban Kitchen

If you’re looking for food in Legoland California that will appeal to everyone in your family, the Urban Kitchen is great because of it’s variety of options. They have grab-and-go salads (the caprese salad is delicious!), made-to-order chicken or tofu stir fry, steak sandwiches, and shrimp fettuccine. The stir fry is absolutely delicious and packed with healthy vegetables to ease your conscious after all those apple fries you ate.

The kids meal kits offered here are chicken tenders, hot dogs, or PB&J.

Pro tip: you can order the chicken tenders by themselves, and they make a great addition to the salads that are available.

Vegan tofu stir fry at Urban Kitchen

Urban Kitchen also has ice cream and lots of desserts like cookies and brownies. It’s also one of the few restaurants in Legoland that has indoor seating in case you are visiting on a rainy day, or need a break from the heat.

Pizza & Pasta Buffet

The Pizza and Pasta Buffet may be one of the family meal deals in Legoland. It’s ALL YOU CAN EAT.

Adults are $22.50 and kids $10.99. That’s a great deal because a Kit’s meal kit at any of the other restaurants will cost you the same. And soda is included!

Pizza, pasta, and sauces are made daily from scratch. There are a variety of pizzas and pastas that rotate daily, mac and cheese, and delicious bread sticks.

Note: This restaurant isn’t always open, so definitely check the Legoland app to see if it’s an available dining option while you are visiting.

Ocean Journey Cafe at Sea Life

While Ocean Journey is currently closed (they’ve been closed since the pandemic), I am really hoping Legoland is able to open it back up! It’s such a hidden treasure. I think it has some of the best food at Legoland!

You do not have to have a ticket for Sea Life to eat here, just let the employees at the gate know you just want to eat at Ocean Journey.

The best thing to eat at Ocean Journey is the made-to-order gourmet Mac and Cheese. Some of the things you can add in include broccoli, tomatoes, and chicken. Add a glass of white wine and you have one of the best meals in Legoland!

The second best thing about Ocean Journey is the outdoor rooftop seating (although you can sit indoors as well). And since so few people seem to know about this restaurant, it is rarely crowded.

Best Places for Ice Cream

Castle Ice Cream

Of course this one makes the list as it’s the only dedicated ice cream shop in Legoland. Lots of yummy options of Breyer’s ice cream here, and you can get shakes made as well.

Castle Ice Cream is another spot to check for special seasonal treats! Last Halloween they had a delicious pumpkin pie shake, and during the December holidays there was a peppermint shake.

picture of seasonal pumpkin pie shake at Castle Ice Cream
Seasonal pumpkin shake from Castle Ice Cream

Fun Town’s Urban Kitchen

Hidden inside Urban Kitchen is a small area dedicated to serving up Breyer’s ice cream. They have most of the same flavors as you will find at Castle Ice Cream, and they are always open as long as the restaurant is. So if you’re craving a scoop of ice cream and Castle Ice Cream isn’t open, this is where to go.

You can also create your own shake with ice cream and mix-ins for $5.95!

picture of the ice cream bar at Urban Kitchen
Ice Cream at Urban Kitchen

The Market

If soft serve ice cream is more your style then The Market is the place for you! They also have a cooler full of pre-packaged ice cream bars and fruit pops.

Best Places for Snacks at Legoland

Granny’s Apple Fries

The most iconic food in Legoland California — Granny’s Apple Fries are the Legoland equivalent to a Dole Whip at Disney. You don’t go to Legoland and skip the apple fries…they are a must! They come with a generous dollop of whip cream (flavored with real vanilla!) and you’ll probably need more than one order. Apple fries are delicious even without the whip cream, so if you are vegan or dairy free, they are the perfect snack for you!

Granny’s apple fries at Legoland

Churros Con Chocolate

Although this stand isn’t always open, Churros Con Chocolate usually has a pretty long line when it is open. You can guess why — authentic churros with dough made fresh daily are dipped in Belgian chocolate. Yum!

Churros Con Chocolate stand

Benny’s Rocket Fuel

Benny’s Rocket Fuel is a food stand located in the Lego Movie World 2 area. Recently (2022) it’s been the only place to buy popcorn, including the awesome rocket-shaped refillable popcorn container.

You can also grab chips, small snacks, bottled water and soda, or an Icee.

rocket shaped refillable popcorn container
Benny’s refillable popcorn rocket

Places to get an Adult Beverage in Legoland

Yes, Legoland does have adult beverages! You just have to know where to look. Here are the restaurants that carry alcoholic beverages in the park:

picture of adult beverage craft cocktail can at Legoland
Mai Tai craft cocktail from Legoland Water Park

Knight’s Smokehouse BBQ: craft beer and wine

Burger Kitchen: wine, bottled beer, hard seltzer

Water Park food stands: bottled beer, bottled mixed drinks, wine

Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in Legoland

I was a vegetarian myself for many years and I still love to eat plant based or meat-free when I can. I love that Legoland has many options when it comes to vegetarian food choices. Some of the best food at Legoland California is vegetarian!

My favorite salad is a caprese salad that I can get at most of the restaurants, including the Burger Kitchen (because they have Beyond Burgers), Urban Kitchen, and Everything is Ramen.

picture of caprese salad
Caprese salad

Vegetarians can find delicious food in Legoland California — just try some of these options below!

Urban Kitchen: vegetable or tofu stir fry, salads

Burger Kitchen: Beyond Burger, salads

Knight’s Smokehouse BBQ: fire roasted corn on the cob, salads

Pizza and Pasta Buffet: tomato basil marinara pasta, cheese pizza, veggie pizza, garlic breadsticks, salad bar

The Market: salads

Ocean Journey Cafe: caprese sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, grilled 3 cheese, mac and cheese

Ninja Kitchen: salads, Tofu Banh Mi, Tofu Bao bun

Pizza Mania: salads, veggie pizza

And of course, churros, ice cream, and apple fries are vegetarian!

Restaurants for Vegans in Legoland

Even vegans have great food options here at Legoland!

Urban Kitchen: salads, vegetable stir fry, tofu stir fry

Ninja Kitchen: Tofu Bahn Mi, Tofu Bao bun, salads

Pizza Mania: salads

Pizza and Pasta Buffet: salad bar

And of course, if you order the apple fries without whip cream you have the perfect vegan treat!

Options for People with Food Allergies at Legoland

Legoland visitors with food allergies have options too. Ingredient lists are available upon request from a staff member, and you can always email prior to your visit to get advice for your dining options.

PLEASE NOTE: these guides are taken from a DINE at Legoland brochure. Be advised that food prepared by DINE at Legoland may contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT FOOD OPTIONS PLEASE CONTACT A MEMBER OF MANAGEMENT AT THE LEGOLAND RESTAURANT YOU WISH TO EAT AT.

Gluten Free Food Options

Burger Stop: burger and fries, gluten free buns available upon request

Castle Ice Cream: sorbet

Urban Kitchen: chicken on tamaki gold white rice (no sauce)

Knight’s Smokehouse BBQ: GF Mac and Cheese, Slider on a bed of lettuce (no bun), Garden salad (no crutons)

Pizza Mania: gluten free pizza on request

Pizza and Pasta Buffet: Salad bar, GF pizza, GF pasta (available upon request)

The Market: GF grab-and-go options (check labels)

Nut Free

The following dining places say they are nut free, but please always double-check! Burger Stop, Granny’s Apple Fries, Ninja Kitchen, Pizza Mania.

Dairy Free and Egg Free

Burger Stop: Burger and fries with DF/EF bun upon request

Churros con Chocolate (DF): churro (without chocolate)

Urban Kitchen: Hot dogs and Chicken tenders (DF), Chicken breast pieces (EF)

Granny’s Apple Fries (DF): apple fries (no whip cream)

Knight’s Smokehouse BBQ: Chicken (DF/EF), pork ribs (DF/EF), beef brisket (DF/EF), pulled pork (DF/EF), hot dogs (DF/EF), chicken tenders (DF).

Ocean Journey Cafe: Sliders w/o cheese (DF), noodles with olive oil (DF), sandwiches w/o cheese (DF)

Pizza and Pasta Buffet: Salad bar (DF), Pasta with Marinara (DF)

So that’s my round-up of the best food at Legoland California! Which restaurants are your favorite? Comment below and let me know what you think is the best food at Legoland!

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  1. I LOVE the Granny’s Apple Fries! Every time I go to Legoland I get them! This article is amazing! Please keep up the good work!

  2. Hello! My family is heading down to Legoland in a couple of weeks and I’m looking into this Online Meal Deal available on the Legoland website. It’s currently $12.50 (was a $1 cheaper a month ago). Good at Participating Restaurants: Everything is Ramen, Fun Town Urban Kitchen, Burger Kitchen, Burger Stop and Pizza Mania towards 1 choice entree and fountain drink. Do you think this is really a “Deal”?

    1. Hi Agnes, great question! The best answer depends on the people in your group. For kids, I would say it’s not a good deal because they can get a kids meal for about $10.50 and that includes a drink. For an adult, it would be an “okay” deal if you think you will want a decent sized meal like a cheeseburger and fries. A cheeseburger combo at Burger Kitchen is $13.05 and that includes fries and a drink. So, you’d save $.55. However, if all you want is a salad, I don’t think that’s considered an entre that would be covered in the deal (and you can buy one for $9-11). A soda costs $4.15. Also keep in mind that if you are visiting on a day that Legoland closes at 5pm or 6pm, depending on when you are used to eating dinner you may not be ready to eat until after the park closes. If that’s true and you buy the meal deal, you’d only be able to use it at lunch. Personally we have never purchased the meal deal, we save $ by bringing in sandwiches for lunch, using our refillable souvenir cup for drinks, and ordering items a la carte (you can get a cheeseburger by itself w/o fries and a drink for less). I hope that helps! Enjoy your trip!

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